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Smoke Free Policy




That Island 2000 Limited support the health and wellbeing of their employees and, indirectly, their families/whanau through strategies that normalise and support staff to be smokefree.


Island 2000 Limited recognises that:
  • It has a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of employees and visitors from the effects of identified hazards which includes second hand smoke
  • It is proven to be cost-effective for a company to implement smokefree initiatives, in comparison to the total cost of loss of productivity and healthcare from smoking in the workplace
  • Nicotine in tobacco is highly addictive
  • Tobacco is the single biggest preventable burden on our community’s health

This policy applies to all Island 2000 Limited sites; to all staff; to all clients/consumers; visitors; volunteers; contractors and others working on or accessing the Island 2000 Limited site(s).

Island 2000 Limited will ensure that: 
1. The environment is totally smokefree, seven days a week twenty- four hours, that is:
  • All buildings and vehicles (including privately owned vehicles whilst on grounds) will be smokefree
  • ​All outdoor areas will be smokefree within the boundaries of the building site/company office at 21 Beresford Avenue Waiheke 1081
​2. Staff are encouraged and supported to be smokefree, that is Island 2000 Limited will ensure:
  • Access to smoking cessation services will be readily available (e.g. Quitline)
​3. All employees when representing Island 2000 Limited will role model smokefree behaviour, that is:
  • All employees when wearing the organisation uniform or logo will be smokefree
4. Island 2000 Limited will promote the smokefree policy, that is:
  • All employees will be aware of the smokefree policy and support to become smokefree
  • All stakeholders will be aware of the smokefree policy and compliance requirements
  • Funding from tobacco companies will not occur