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new home construction

More than 100 unique homes built over last 25 years in Waiheke, we have helped our customers fulfill their dreams of homes that match their style and requirement. A talented team of professionals including land consultants, architects, craftsmen, interior designers, construction managers and other skilled professions, we understand the unique topography of Waiheke island more than any other builder along with the challenges it presents and deliver high quality jobs with more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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impeccable quality

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no cost overruns

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thorough local knowledge

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10 years master builder guarantee

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on time delivery

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over 100 happy customers

home maintenance

Maintenance and renovation services that increases the value of your home. We provide all residential and commercial services including new builds, additions, alterations, reclads, decks, fences, retaining walls and other property maintenance services.

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about island2000

A registered Waiheke Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners, we have been building exclusively on Waiheke since 1987.

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what our customers say

“Bernie, with his team of Johannes, Robbie and Ben are to be congratulated on achieving the honour of being gold reserve finalists for our house, Citrine, Park point in the in the Regional MasterBuilders' awards. It seems praise is hard to come by in the building industry and this has earned them respect. ”

David Wheeler and Christine Hafermalz